Paul A.

Sharon was a star!

Minh R.

Sharon was absolutely wonderful! She was very knowledgeable and really made our first home buying experience as smooth as possible. Sharon was an excellent communicator! She always kept us well informed and we felt we received really great service.

W. Gregg Jones, Attorney

I have known Ms. Combs for over ten years. During that time, she has acted as the listing agent for several dissolution of marriage matters handled by this office. Ms. Combs is one of the few Realtors who seems to have an appreciation of the emotional dynamics present when the family residence is sold. In three recent cases where she acted as the listing agent, the parties have been extremely acrimonious. In spite of that, she has successfully brought the home sale to a rapid conclusion without the necessity of either side filing motions. I truly believe that Ms. Combs has a unique talent in this area and highly recommend her services.

Lisa S.

I highly recommend Sharon. She really knows her business and is an excellent Realtor. I always felt she had my best interest as her primary concern. She kept me well-informed and prepared me for the process every step of the way.

Roberta W.

Sharon was not only personal and professional, she was fun and made a trying experience into an enjoyable one.

Bonnie P.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Sharon. We encountered several problems re the buyer; Sharon smoothed the rough spots. I would not hesitate to work with Sharon again or recommend her to friends.

Stuart McP.

Sharon handled my real estate transaction in a most professional manner. I rate her as an outstanding no-nonsense professional in all areas of handling my real estate transaction.

John C.

Sharon was great. Right from the start she took the time to really get to know us and our needs. She remained on top of every detail and educated us through the process. I would recommend Sharon highly!

Mike C.

From the initial call I received to the professional and tenacious effort put forth in closing this deal, I would like to thank and commend Sharon for her extraordinary effort and results. In an era where too many employees, throughout all industries, just don’t care about the level of service and expertise they give, you should be glad you have an employee like Sharon.

Julie E.

Sharon’s attitude was very encouraging regarding the marketing and sale of our home. We feel that particularly the time she spent with us initially going over the physical characteristics of the house was extremely helpful, as her suggestions and advice regarding updating the appearance of the house to improve its marketability really gave us a solid base on just what to do and not to do to get the house ready for sale. She was very helpful in recommending other service providers who she had past experience with that we needed in conjunction with the sale of our home.

Kristi H.

Just thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for the help you’ve given me over the years… starting with the first house you helped me buy in 1988 and, most recently, your counsel and support in helping me weigh the costs and benefits of purchasing a lot in the Oakland Hills. You have always been a great listener and have anticipated risks and issues that I would not have identified on my own.

Mel O.

It is difficult to sell a home late in the year, but your expertise and astute assessment of the real estate market in the East Bay enabled us to sell our home quickly. We are sure your professional and cordial demeanor makes it easy for you to communicate clients’ needs with other real estate agents. We were impressed with the way you were able to facilitate the purchase of our new home by determining a fair price and presenting it to the sellers. Also, we were able to use your referrals for home inspections and for finances to make the difficult parts easy. We wish you continued success in the real estate business. With your skills, future home sales shouldn’t be a problem.

Naomi H.

Thanks to Sharon, I’ve gotten a great house. Sharon’s rational, astute mind and level-headedness were reassuring to me during this stressful transition.